7th Annual Muscle Cars in the Park Sunday, September 13 2015

My friends Lisa and John, below and I went to Muscle Cars in the park, and they let me drive their 79 Bandit (far left). John drove his Rockford clone with side pipes, and Lisa took Roxanne their third gen dealer converted sportster which ended up winning a first place trophy.

Shaker hood shenanigans at a stop light

p.s. yes, Lisa knows her brake light is out...She will just blame John for not fixing it so don't mention it to her. It makes her cranky.


I was playing with my new 55-200 Zoom Lens for all the shots, it really was the wrong tool for most of the job but it took some good pictures, just a little too narrow field of view for walking down isles of parked cars.

ATHS CCC Annual Presidents Picnic 2015

I spent some time with friends from Central California Chapter of the ATHS met a new member Joe White and his family. 

This is a picture of his 4 million mile 1960 Kenworth

I found out he was at the same ATHS National Show that I took my Blazer to in Yakima 2013.

Also shown here in a video with some of the history

Some rare seat time for me in the Jimmy

Moving Jimmy out for some work

I'm still learning how to drive this beast, and making plenty of mistakes.

In the video you'll hear me bog and choke the engine, and grind some gears, and generally be confused about what gear I'm really in.

This manual transmission is known as a 5-over. With a two-speed electronically switched diff, for 10 forward and two reverse speeds. It has Air Brakes, and Manual Steering.

Shift pattern is as follows.

R 2 5
1 3 4

There is a diff gear selector on the stick. Out is High, In is Low. I think I got that wrong in the video.

1 is a granny, so generally starting in 2-lo. 

When unloaded the shift sequence to get to highway speed is 2-lo, 3-lo, 4-lo, 4-hi, 5-hi. In 5-hi at 2100 rpm it's topping out just under 65mph.

Fourth and Fifth are interleaved so when splitting gears the pattern once you reach 4-lo is: 4-lo, 5-lo, 4-hi, 5-hi.

In this video most of the problems I experienced are from not running the engine at high enough revs before shifting. These two strokes like to be at about 1800+, which makes them sound like they are doing 4000rpm, and it would like to be there at all times.

Another thing I've learned since is while launching from stopped to hover on the clutch a little bit longer before letting it fully engage while building revs and accelerate briskly to avoid the bucking.

ATHS CCC Truck Show and BBQ at Kirkland Ranch Saturday April 26 2014

2014 Howard Kirkland and all the members of the Central Valley ATHS Chapter Celebrated 28 glorious years in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley. 

Great trucks, great food and great Friends what more could you ask for.

The Wrecker and GMC weren't ready to go yet, so I took my 30yr Old 220K mile Detroit Diesel Bazer.

Despite the threat of rain, the weather held out and it was a great show.  Smaller than last year but great show none-the-less.

Arial View (Taken by another member)

January 2014, Blackhawk Museum Cars and Coffee

I didn't get to take anything as I'm not driving yet after my spine surgery, but I met up with some firebird friends and went through the show. 

The highlights to me was an 80's BMW M1 that looked like it was a rip-off of a Ferrari 308, and they were sitting next to each other to compare.  The owner said they were made by BMW to compete in a racing series that ultimately never happened. There were 400 cars made none sold in the US. This car was one of 60 that he believe came to the US out of Italy.

A very cool modern Corvette modded to look very convincingly like a 65 Split Window.

 A 1947 La France Fire Engine replete with most of its tools and accessories.

My first look at a 2014 Stingray. The lambo doors are not standard. 32 MPG econobox.

A Blue Angels Anniversary Car complete with in show traffic chatter between pilots playing on the radio.

Telecommunications Closet

When we purchased our home in 2010 we decided to start with AT&T's U-verse for phone, video and data. That allowed us to go ethernet across the board and no longer rely on coax cable for cable tv signal delivery.

I built a communications cubby in our hallway, and I had our electrician that we were having do some renovation work to the house rough-in all of my Cat6 drops, run the cable, remove all of the jumbled coax and old telephone cables and add an electrical outlet on its own circuit to my telecommunications cubby.

I've had a friend ask for some advice and what I used so I detailed here on listmania which is part of Amazon.

We have a drop of 4 Cat6 cables in every room including a kitchen cabinet for an under-cabinet tv. The cubby is a little busy now, but it was worth every penny.  My only regret is I didn't have the foresight to have the electrician do a drop in the garage at my workbench.  But at least wireless reaches.

2013 ATHS (American Truck Historical Society) National Convention in Yakima, WA

This year I took two weeks of vacation and went to the ATHS National Convention Show in Yakima, WA. that ended up having over 800 Trucks and Trailers.

I entered the Chevrolet 1984 Diesel K5 Blazer, because it's the truck I have that I could trust to make the 1500 mile round trip and It is in fact a historic truck at 29 years old. Thanks Blade for keeping it in such good repair for 28 of those years.  Without Blade's meticulous maintenance it wouldn't be the special truck that it is.

With 320k miles on it; its a survivor and still my daily driver.

At the show the tools I carry in the Blazer came in handy helping out a GMC owner who arrived with some water pump problems, he did a field replacement shadetree mechanic style with buddies bringing a replacement pump to the show, buying the necessary gaskets from a vendor in the hall and what couldn't be gotten at the show a short trip to the parts store took care of.  Props to the guys at http://www.oldgmctrucks.com/

There was so much at the show I didn't even get to photograph most of it. What I have in the slideshow is just a sampling.  Nothing compares to being there, hearing the engines, and smelling the exhaust.

Blackhawk Cars and Coffee April 7, 2013

I was fortunate enough to find out about the inaugural Blackhawk Cars and Coffee event http://www.blackhawkmuseum.org/carsncoffee.html a few days before it happened. 

I took the 57 Wrecker. It was a huge hit with the museum staff and the kids.  I try to take the wrecker to as many of the Cars and Coffee's as I can, people are always excited to see it.

The wrecker even made it into an article (and the slideshow) written for the examiner about the event: http://www.examiner.com/article/cars-and-coffee-debuts-blackhawk-with-great-success?no_cache=1365490026

Even Ferrari's aren't immune to a little birdy bombing.

A gratuitous shot with some classics at the end.