Good Guys 28th All American Get-Together in Pleasanton

This weekend I went to the 28th All American Get-Together in Pleasanton.

The event features over 3,000 American powered rods, customs, classics, trucks and late models sprawled throughout the entire acreage of the beautiful fairgrounds. A spectacular indoor show will feature the world’s top custom cars as they compete for the Goodguys West Coast Custom of the Year award. Vendor exhibits, a swap meet & cars for sale corral, arts & crafts, model car show and live entertainment will also be featured throughout the weekend.

I was surprised by three things:

1) The number of blatantly obvious non-show quality cars that littered the fair grounds, incomplete, bumpers hangin' off and rusted out, and I'm not talking about the crap rods. I could have taken my Firebird in it's current state and it would have been better than a few of them.

2) The sheer number of baby-blue with two white stripe, Camaros. I stopped taking pictures of them, they became boring.

3) Granted I don't think I saw every car there, but there were maybe only 4 Firebirds that showed well.

It was a good experience I enjoyed being there early as they were still parking a lot of the rides, and you could hear all kinds of sweet exhaust sounds from street rods to dragsters.  After about 10am everything settled down and you just heard the din of the crowd.