Mater Comes Home

Mater's back from the shop.

New brakes, rebuilt master cylinder and hydrovac.  All new brake lines, and a couple new vacuum lines.

Brakes were entirely overhauled, drums machined, new wheel cylinders, new shoes.

Emergency brake was adjusted, right front leaf springs straightened out and re-bracketed.  Tie-rod ends and kingpins have been replaced.

He's still running really rough, one cylinder is totally dead, and another is intermittent.  I need to do a full tune up to see If I can get him running on all eight cylinders.

It was an exhilarating and terrifying ride from the shop to home.  All of my driving up to this point only partially prepared me for what I had just experienced.

Here are my thoughts as I drove my 57 Wrecker for the first time.

  Clutch out, gas, c'mon, c'mon, ... ok that wasn't so hard.  

  ok, now need to turn, .., Turn, TURN, TURN!, OMFG IM GONNA DIE, TURN! TURN! TURRRRRRRRRRRN! ... ah hell holy crap I almost just took out that fence.

  street coming, going to need to stop, slow.

  ok, need to stop, .., Stop, holy crap, STOP! STOP! STOOOOOOP!

And that was before I got out of the shops parking lot.

I liken my first Mater driving experience to 'Whipping an ogre to do your bidding'.  You'll eventually get him to do what you want, but he isn't going to be at all happy about it.

The video was done on a phone, I'll try to get a better version. In the background you can hear my wife, her sister is recording, and she was there with her son.  You can hear my nephew in the background, 'I like it!'.   Well, so do I.  

This will be a great learning experience, and I can't wait to take it out and practice some more.