Removing the deteriorated pin striping from the bird.

This weekend I spent a couple hours removing the deteriorated pin striping stickers and adhesive.  I couldn't find anybody who sold the 3M adhesive remover that had been recommended to me so I settled on trying some GooGone Sticker Lifter that I found at my local AutoZone.

The plastic scraper was actually a huge help in getting under the sticker and removing it in large strips. Once the sticker is off and you are just left with the adhesive, I found that just using a new section of the scrap cloth dabbed in the Goo Gone worked best.  Move to a new section of the cloth judiciously because as it picks up the adhesive it becomes slick and doesn't work as well to lift off the remaining adhesive.  The type of cloth matters too, after using several scraps cloth, I found that the ones similar to a flanel worked best. Towel type cloth would soak up too much of the GooGone. You need somethings with some fuzz for the adhesive to cling to, but you don't want the material to be able to absorb all of the GooGone.  I used some choice pieces of a "Pound of Rags" bag I had purchased at Kragens for a previous project.  It's just an assortment of odds-n-ends rags for a couple of bucks that wont have your wife yelling at you for using one of the "guest towels".  Worth every penny.

I also used a soaking wet t-shirt type rag to clean off the GooGone film from the paint on the areas that no longer had any adhesive, and another dry cloth to dry finished areas off.

The GooGone didn't discolor the paint, and unless you get really close you can't see where the pinstriping was.  But if you get close enough you can see the area that was protected from the sun is a little bit darker.  It's perfect until I'm ready to repaint.