The Bluebird takes home a trophy.

The Bay Area Firebirds (BAFGFB) group organized a cruise up to the Muscle Cars in the Park 2010 show in Elk Grove, CA.

With a stop in Flag City to group up before making our way to Elk Grove.

On the way to Elk Grove.

The line up.

I came away with a 2nd Place, Best 70-79 GM ( Buick Olds Pontiac )  

My best guess it's a lark, because Lisa's white 78 should have been in the same group and was clearly a better car, and didn't walk away with a trophy.  

I had a great time despite it being a little wet.

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Hey Donovan, I have been following your restoration of dads car. Looks great, I told him about the trophy and you should have seen the smile on his face! He still has little model of the car in his room so he can gaze at it whenever he wants! Keep up the great work.
Michelle ex-owner of the Blue Bird
I'm thrilled he got a kick out of it. It was an awesome day, and a lot of fun spending it with other Firebird owners.