The Paddock GTO/G8 Show'n'Shine at the Livery, Danville CA, May 23rd. 2010

The show was put on by Norcal Goats and the Golden Gate Goats

I didn't expect to see any Firebirds, but I was in luck.

I'm pretty sure the the white Firebird is the same one that I previously photographed at the GoodGuy's show.  It's a shame he hasn't repainted it yet, but from what I understand is it's for sale, so perhaps he just doesn't want to invest any more money in it.

The blue car was absolutely incredible, It's almost exactly what I'd like to do with my Firebird, but I'm more partial to the Formula dual snorkels rather than the shaker hood.  I love the paint scheme though.  I like the use of the black border, I'm thinking now thats what I may do, and keep my white vinyl top.

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